Terms of Service Vacate Clean Agreement

Terms of Service of Vacate Clean Agreement

  1. Nicola Mercer Pty Ltd TA SUPERHERO IN DISGUISE will make every good faith effort to complete a full Vacate Clean, which may include any/all of the following activities, as required by the specifications of the property, or the tenant/owner/agent.
    1. Windows (accessible internal and external).
    2. Window sills and frames
    3. Skirting boards
    4. Powerpoint and light switches
    5. Vents and grills
    6. Doors and door frames
    7. Cobweb removal
    8. Oven
    9. Stovetop, including trivets, burners and nobs
    10. Rangehood/overhead exhaust, including filters and accessible internal
    11. Cupboards and drawers (inside and out)
    12. Splashback, tiles, kickboards
    13. Sink and surfaces.
    14. Dishwasher, including filters
    15. Bathroom tiles and grout
    16. Bath and surrounds
    17. Shower, including screens and fittings
    18. Toilet
    19. Basins
    20. Cabinetry
    21. Mirrors
    22. Wall marks
    23. Light fittings and shades where possible
    24. Blinds (wiped, not washed)
    25. Carpets vacuumed and steam cleaned
    26. Hard floors vacuumed and mopped
    27. Balcony and verandah areas swept and mopped.
    28. Other as required.


However; it is understood that:

  1. Nicola Mercer Pty Ltd TA SUPERHERO IN DISGUISE is not responsible for property that was damaged by the tenants, that cannot be rectified via cleaning. Examples of this includes, but is not limited to:
    1. Permanent staining on carpets that cannot be removed using stain treatments.
    2. Marks on walls that are caused by damage.
    3. Peeling paint.
    4. Paint, oil, damage, or any permanent material that cannot be removed from any structural, building or soft fitting.
    5. Mould that has infused grout or silicone.
  2. Nicola Mercer Pty Ltd TA SUPERHERO IN DISGUISE will use best judgment and cease cleaning an area if it is apparent that damage may occur as a result of cleaning activities.
  3. Nicola Mercer Pty Ltd TA SUPERHERO IN DISGUISE is not responsible for unfinished or incomplete tasks if the tenant/owner/agent has been informed that more time is required to complete, and refuses to pay for additional time. Every endeavour will be made to ensure that in this instance, as much is completed as possible.
  4. Unless otherwise specified, vacated properties are assumed to be left empty of valuables. Often vacating tenants leave possessions behind. In this instance Nicola Mercer Pty Ltd TA SUPERHERO IN DISGUISE will dispose of items that hold no perceived value, and leave other possessions in a location where the exiting tenant can return and collect them.
  5. Additional tasks may be required for Vacate Cleans, including odour remediation, decontamination (in biohazardous instances) or fingerprint dust removal. This work will be carried out by sister company Forensiclean Pty Ltd TA FORENSIC CLEAN. A separate agreement is required with this company.
  6. The tenant/owner/agent will ensure electricity supply to the property. If not, a generator charge is applicable.
  7. If a Vacate Clean is cancelled within 48 hours of when it is scheduled, the deposit is forfeit to Nicola Mercer Pty Ltd TA SUPERHERO IN DISGUISE. If it is rescheduled, it will be credited against the final invoice as per usual.
  8. Any incidental costs that are incurred as a result of doing the Vacate Clean, will be passed onto the booking client.
  9. When insurance reimbursement is involved for services rendered under this agreement, the owner/agent further authorizes the referenced insurance company to make direct payment to Nicola Mercer Pty Ltd TA SUPERHERO IN DISGUISE. If the insurance company’s policy dictates that payment is made directly to the insured, the owner, or agent authorizes the name of Nicola Mercer Pty Ltd TA SUPERHERO IN DISGUISE to be placed as payee also.
  10. Invoices are due within 7 days of completion of work. Failure to pay within this time period will result in additional collection fees (10% of total invoice accrues per calendar month). The tenant/owner/agent may be asked to provide credit card details. This card may be processed for an initial $100 deposit, and for the remaining if the invoice is overdue by more than 31 days.
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