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Why we like to pay it forward

At Superhero in Disguise we feel blessed by our successes, and ability to work as hard and as often as we do. Many people do not have the same privilege and opportunity that we do, and we are mindful of our good fortune. It is in fact because of you, our lovely clients, that we are able to pay it forward, and support a variety of causes and projects that we feel passionate about. In this way, it is you, our clients, that are supporting these causes.

We have done this quietly and without “blowing our own trumpet”, until it occurred to us that by sharing these links with you, you might actually click through and do your own investigationing. This helps them to increase their exposure, because all of those little google monsters take a lot of notice of click throughs. While this site has never gone viral (yet!), in our own small way we would encourage you to take a look at any of the following that interests you. You don’t have to give money to support them, but I’m sure they wouldn’t say no!

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Pay it forward – links and information

Lort Smith: Care for about 50,000 animals each year, and handle around 32 animal emergencies on a daily basis. Superhero in Disguise make regular donations to the organisation, and to “special” cases.

Chance: This is the name of an older dog who was found wandering in the North Western suburbs of Melbourne. He had been neglected and had severe health issues as a result. Through the kindness of strangers, and GoFundMe, he is doing much better. His problems will be ongoing, so any contributions help.

Asylum Seeker Resource Centre: The ASRC is a community-lead, non-for-profit organisation that is committed to upholding the human rights of all people seeking asylum.

Melbourne City Mission: Melbourne’s oldest charity is on a mission to end disadvantage and improve the lives of every person in Victoria suffering hardship. Join them.

Princess’ Amputation and Desexing: Princess is a street cat whose owner is a young homeless woman. She is a beautiful, sweet and friendly cat. Princess was recently hit by a tram and had to have a leg amputated (and was desexed at the same time) and was treated by the amazing staff at Lort Smith Animal Hospital.

Melbourne Period Project: By providing essential sanitary items to people experiencing homelessness we reduce their shame and humiliation of having to ask strangers for sanitary items, having to use inappropriate products or having to steal, or simply go without. Using appropriate products reduces infections and means people no longer have to hide away on the days they have their period.

World Animal Protection: Right now millions of animals are suffering in the name of entertainment. World Animal Protection is determined to stamp out the abuse and to keep wild animals in the wild, where they belong.

All in for Alex: Alex was 41 and mum to three beautiful children, when she tragically lost her battle with metastatic breast cancer on 21 January, 2015. Her husband is legally blind and is unable to financially support the children. Donations help the family.

Mum Wants a Job: Alex Girle appeared on A Current Affair (ACA). She is a mother of 5, including a son with severe disabilities requiring almost constant care. She has been parenting for so long that her employment options have been limited to say the least. She believed ACA were interviewing her and her family to tell the story of how she had started her own small printing business and was trying to grow it in order to be able to remove herself from Centrelink support. Instead ACA aired a damning story about how much money Alex was receiving from Centrelink and how “it’s not worth it” to get employment. After this story aired, there was NO WAY Alex was able to get employment! Alex started a GoFundMe page telling her actual story and asking for financial support to buy herself a bigger printer in order to accelerate her independent income generation.

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