General Grunge

Meet General Grunge… Griminal Mastermind!

General Grunge of Grime

In his previous life, Gunther Gröttlieb worked as a waste filtration engineer.

When lightning struck a prototype Grime Condenser, his body was exposed to supervillainous levels of filth.

His mind twisted from the experience, and he no longer washes properly. In fact, he feels most at home surrounded by dirt, grime and general filth.

He despises Grime Fighters with a passion, although not enough to give up his time spent eating pizza on the couch and watching re-runs of Home and Away.

He now spreads his greasily subtle, and not-so-subtle, influence across the homes of innocent good citizens of the northern suburbs of Melbourne, seeking to increase the number of places where he feels comfortable. General Grunge may visit when you least expect it, and over time, practically move into your home.

Only a good quality pair of rubber gloves, a lot of elbow grease and Eco-Spray can thwart his insidious, icky wiles! That, and of course, your Superhero in Disguise…

Wander Woman - Grime Fighter! [Much gratitude to our Good Citizen Gareth who inspired, and mostly wrote, the story of General Grunge! You’re the best.]

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  1. Gareth says:

    I heartily endorse this product &/or company 😛

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