About Us: The Beginnings…

Superhero In Disguise emerged from humble, and some might say, boring, beginnings. Wander Woman was born on a small island in the middle of the Pacific (New Zealand), to a large family. She spent a lot of time with Super Gran learning how to do “useful stuff”.

She put herself through university so that she would have more options, and rather ironically never used that Bachelor Degree professionally.

After very successfully building a multi-million dollar business from scratch with business partners, she sold her shares, and spent a couple of years raising chickens… The boredom was excruciating.

Eventually Wander Woman’s alter-ego emerged –  a Business Development Consultant. She does not wear glasses while consulting. In that persona, she constantly hears from clients that their industry “just is” that way, “it always has been”, and “the clients expect and like it”. Hmmmm. Sounds like society is falling into decay – so Gothamesque! Also sounds like an opportunity for a challenge…

So what is an industry that people take for granted, traditionally pay poorly, expect and dislike poor service within, and increasingly need? What is an industry that is huge? Has heaps of competition, and stereotypically treats its staff with little respect and certainly little pay? Because THAT is the industry that Wander Woman intends to challenge, one Super Home Cleaning client at a time. Like every other business, this is all about building relationships built on solid service, trust and fun.

What an adventure!

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