Our clients are everything!

And what they think and say means the world to us. It might look as if this page is all about how fabulous we are, but if you look closer, you can see the utmost esteem that we hold our clients in. They are our peeps. This is what some of them they have to say…


“Wow! I just got home. My oven is like new. Amazing!”
Glen – Northcote


“Howdy! Thrilled with your heroes mighty deeds and love having them protecting my part of the city.”
Andrew – Surrey Hills


“These people are fab and make life a whole lot easier!”
Mandy – Thornbury


“Nick and her team are amazing. Always thorough and such a treat coming home to a spick and span flat. Highly recommended.”
Nat – Northcote


“Every week I come home and my home is sparkling, and I mean sparkling. My kitchen and bathroom gleam, you could eat off the floors, the blinds and dusting are done and the house smells and feels great. I used to take pride in cleaning my own house but actually it was taking hours in my time-challenged week, and the relief of handing it over to the superheroes who do everything to such a high standard is just SO worth it. I’m hooked!”
Natasha – Alphington


“Oh my God! You guys are the greatest! My plastics drawer was chaos until a Superhero sorted it out today – and I didn’t ask them to do it x”
Shannon – Collingwood


“I’ve been working my little butt off this week, and your Superheroes were super divine! The house looks amazing, and I’m over the moon. They made ME feel like a Superhero!”
Malia – North Fitzroy


Nick has been a fabulous contribution to our lives. Thorough, friendly, funny and gracious. She is an absolute dream to communicate with, is queer friendly, and always gives the impression that she enjoys visiting and cleaning up our home!”
Jackon – Preston


Thank you so much! I will be referring your services to our friends!
Helen – Brighton


You have transformed a stenchy old sow’s ear into a habitable silk purse – thank you so very much!
Rachael – Drummond


“Nick and crew have been an absolute life saver for us. After spending 8 months cleaning our house we rent as short-term accommodation in Coburg – whilst managing 2 kids, and 3 businesses, it was time for me to call in the Superheroes to take over – lest my head explode from some kind of OCD overload! Nick’s attention to detail, cleaning and training skills, reliable reliability, efficiency and communication is second to none. We are thrilled to have this team of Superheroes watching our back, delivering an excellent end-result and helping us maintain a much better work/life balance! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Jayne – Coburg


“Nick and her team have helped keep my house clean while it was on the market to sell. Then I’ve asked her to help with an intensive clean and ongoing one at my dad’s house. Then a final clean when we moved out of our house. She’s always willing to accommodate me and does a fantastic job. Thanks again!!”
Karen – Northcote


“Amazing job by Superhero in Disguise who swooped into our vacated house and cleaned it to within an inch of it’s life – couldn’t recommend you enough!!!”
Nat – South Yarra

“So coming home Monday night to a sparkling clean fresh smelling pad is now on my list of favourite things. Ahhhhh thank you !”
Simone – St Kilda


“How lucky am I? Very, because Superhero came to my rescue on rather short notice. My elderly dad was returning home after having had a heart attack overseas. His partner, Alex, is is alas no spring chicken, had done his best, but the place was not schpick, and we wanted it to be perfect for Dad’s homecoming. My request to Superhero was to make the place shine, and it does! 

Superhero did such an amazing job that we are still raving about it days later, and Alex, my Dad’s partner, is thinking about having this spring clean done every six months. Now this is a man who does not spend money easily so you can just imagine how good the results are. PS. Alex also could not say enough about how lovely Superhero was, and how professional, and how helpful… I think you get the drift….he thought Superhero was well, just super (sorry could not resist the pun).”
Gabbi – Northcote


“Our house was in chaos which meant my mind was in chaos and I was about to go back to work after having a baby. The stress was enormous and it felt overwhelming. That’s when Wander Woman came to save us!  She sorted and tidied, decluttering and helping to get things under control. Then she started coming on a regular basis to clean. I love walking in the door after the Superhero visits. She always leaves a little of her magic behind. Thanks Wander Woman. Xxxx”
Nic – Surrey Hills


“[My Superhero] is a wonder. When we first called on her services we’d had some lacklustre experiences with home cleaning, but she didn’t bat an eyelid at our hulking piles of dishes, or quail at the Thing behind the fridge. In a flash she had our floors dazzling and our spider webs swept away, and ploughed through our dishes like a juggernaut. It’s also great to know she’s a cat woman, and treats our pets kindly while she cleans around them. So if other services have left you underwhelmed and you need someone fantastic for shouldering the load, or if chores are gobblin’ up your time and have become the bane of your existence, take a gambit with Superhero In Disguise. You will not be disappointed! Fast, friendly, super-effective: pick three.”
Gareth and Emily – Reservoir


“Nick aka Wander Woman is the best of the best, and a keeper. Why? Because she is a total professional and friendly to boot! She arrives on time, keeps you informed, looks pretty cool, and always delivers an outstanding outcome….pity we can’t clone her!”
Gabrielle – Northcote


“[My superhero] was a pleasure to deal with, friendly and professional over the phone, and the same in person. Outstanding end-of-lease clean, happy with results and I would recommend Superhero to anyone looking for a reliable and trustworthy cleaning business.”
Maria – Northcote


“We couldn’t be happier with our Superhero. The house is always amazing after she has swooped by. It’s the small details that show she cares about her work, it’s not just the cleaning. She is a genuinely friendly person and greets our cat with a hug. We know we are in good hands.”
Natalie and Paul – Coburg


 “Nick is friendly, enthusiastic and fun, and has an innovative approach to her business. Thoroughly recommended!”
Gareth – Preston


“My Superhero has saved me! I had dinner guests all booked in and then realized my apartment looked like a bomb site…especially the bathroom! Luckily my Superhero was able to come in on short notice and work around my busy schedule. The place looks amazing, would definitely recommend to everyone. Thanks Superhero!”
Steve – Northcote

Our Clients

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  1. Steve says:

    My Superhero has saved me! I had dinner guests all booked in and then realized my apartment looked like a bomb site…especially the bathroom!
    Luckily my Superhero was able to come in on short notice and work around my busy schedule. The place looks amazing, would definitely recommend to everyone.
    Thanks Superhero!
    Steve – Northcote

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